St. James The Apostle Anglican Church

"A Vibrant Christian Community"

Parish Vestry

The Canons (laws governing) the Diocese of Western Newfoundland give the workings of the vestry and its various components that makeup the vestry.  The vestry is the governing body of the congregation.  The Rector is the chair of vestry. The membership of the Vestry shall consist of the Rector, other ordained or commissioned staff, the Church Wardens, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the committee chairs elected at the annual congregational meeting, and Lay Delegates to the Synod who are members of the congregation, and any other persons elected as members of the Vestry at the annual Parish Meeting. Any Anglican of the full age of sixteen years who has, through worship and stewardship, exercised his or her church membership in that particular congregation shall be eligible to vote at any congregational meeting and be eligible to be elected to any office. A person shall be eligible for election or appointment to the same parish office for only three consecutive years, except with the permission of the bishop.  Parish offices include co-chairs, churchwardens, secretaries, treasurers, chairs of committees, and members elected to vestry. St. James vestry meet on the third tuesday of every month.  For more detailed information on the workings of vestry you can view the canons of the diocese at

St. James 2015 Vestry Members:
Warden:      Sharon Rodgers
People's Warden:  Jerome Battiste
Secretary:    Glenda Hatcher
Parish Treasurer:  Wanda Lomond
Worship Chair:      Diane Hewitt
Congregational Dev./Stewardship:  Lorna Coffin
Outreach and Mission:     Lisa Brown
Education Chairperson:    Marina Scott
Properties Chairperson:      Jim Rodgers

Members at Large:    Marilyn Pope
                                       Suzanne Parsons
                                       Barbara Hardy
                                       Cora Farrell
                                       Faye Coffin

Synod Delegates:        Diane Hewitt
                                       Sharon Rodgers
                                       Lisa Brown

Youth Synod Delegate: Toni Leamon


Church Wardens

The wardens, one appointed by the Rector and the other elected by members at the annual congregational meeting have equal status and responsibility in the congregation.  The Wardens share with the Rector overall responsibility for all aspects of Church life, including Worship, Education, Outreach, Finance, Property, and Stewardship.  The Warden advises the Rector of matters requiring attention;  and advises the Bishop of concerns pertaining to the suitability and performance of parish clergy.

Vestry Secretary

The Secretary elected at the Parish Annual Meeting is eligible to serve for a three year term.  The duties of Secretary is to keep minutes of all the meetings of vestry; To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Vestry from time to time. 

Parish Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer: To keep proper account of all money for the Parish. To report regularly to the Rector, Churchwardens, and Vestry on the financial affairs of the Congregation; To provide information for the preparation of the budget of the parish.  To ensure that all money contributed for special purposes are duly applied to such purposes, and where applicable, remitted promptly; To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Vestry from time to time.  The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Vestry through The Churchwarderns.  

At St. James we have a full-time office worker, Mrs. Wanda Lomond, who performs 1/2 time the duties of Parish Treasurer/and 1/2time the duties of Parish Office Secretary. As Parish Office Secretary she performs the duties of envelope secretary, attends to office duties, maintaining records, preparing bulletins, photocopying, receptionists and other duties as required.  The office hours are monday to friday, 1:00pm - 5:00pm. 

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