St. James The Apostle Anglican Church

"A Vibrant Christian Community"

Lay Ministers

Five Lay Ministers at St. James are trained and hold a licence issued by the Bishop of the Diocese to be Lay Readers, Eucharistic Assistants and Pastoral  Visitors.  They are also trained to conduct Worship Services, Baptism Preparation and Wedding Rehearsals. 

Those five Lay Ministers at present are Kay Osmond; Lisa Brown; Jane Allen; Faye Coffin and Myrtle Strangemore.

Lay Minister Kay Osmond gives oversight to Baptism preparation and Youth activities.

Lay Minister Lisa Brown gives oversight to Communications.

Lay Minster Jane Allen supervises the children's program Godly Play.

Lay Minister Faye Coffin supervises Pastoral Visitation.

Lay Minister Myrtle Strangemore is retired but remains on standby.

Other Lay Ministers Licenced to be Eucharistic Assistants are : Cora Farrell.

Other Lay Ministers Licenced to be Pastoral Visitors are (A) those registered with Western Health for Hospital visitation: Faye Keeping;Louann Sheaves;Shirley Ingram;Hilda Anderson; and Joan Tapp.  And (B)Pastoral Visitors licenced for Congregation Home Visits are: [in progress]

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